FDG’13 EVE Online Workshop Program



10:00 Morning Tea
10:20 The Russians are Coming! Nationhood and threat perception in EVE Online.
Catherine Goodfellow
10:45 The Demarcation Problem in MMOGs: Using Boundary-Work to Understand the Development and Disputations of Informal Game Rules.
Marcus Carter
11:10 Virtual Warlords: An Ethnomethodological Study of Leaders in EVE Online.
Oskar Milik
11:35 Dispute Resolution Across Platforms: Offshore Gambling Industry & EVE Online
Darryl Woodford
12:00 The Dao of Space Piracy: Tradition, Modernity and Ethics among Online Gamers in Shanghai.
Richard Page
12:25 Scams and Game Mechanics in EVE Online
Kevin Jackson & Marcus Carter
12:50 Lunch
14:00 EVE Online Panel
Marcus Carter, Darryl Woodford, Cat Goodfellow and TBC.
15:00 Do You Belong Here?: Revisiting How EVE Online Welcomes New Players
Chris Paul
15:25 Vile Rat: Spontaneous Shrines in EVE Online
Martin Gibbs, Marcus Carter & Joji Mori
15:50 Coffee
16:00 Future of EVE Research Discussion
17:00 eSports in EVE Online
(main conference) Marcus Carter & Martin Gibbs