List of Accepted Papers

The following papers have been accepted into the 1st International EVE Online Workshop to be held May 15th, at the Foundations of Digital Games conference in Chania, Greece.

The Demarcation Problem in MMOGs: Using Boundary-Work to Understand the Development and Disputations of Informal Game Rules.
Marcus Carter and Martin Gibbs

Vile Rat: Spontaneous Shrines in EVE Online.
Martin Gibbs, Marcus Carter and Joji Mori

The Russians are Coming! Nationhood and threat perception in EVE Online.
Catherine Goodfellow

Scams and Game Mechanics in EVE Online.
Kevin Jackson and Marcus Carter

Virtual Warlords: An Ethnomethodological Study of Leaders in EVE Online.
Oskar Milik

The Dao of Space Piracy: Tradition, Modernity and Ethics among Online Gamers in Shanghai.
Richard Page

Do You Belong Here?: Revisiting How EVE Online Welcomes New Players
Christopher Paul

Dispute Resolution Across Platforms: Offshore Gambling Industry & EVE Online.
Darryl Woodford